Automatic Die-Cutting Machine with Blanking
No matter how the printing is arranged and what base material is used, it can do blanking in high-speed operation accurately and ensure neat separation of finished products.
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D 150
D 150 Smart Double-spiral Slitting Machine
Just one machine can complete both stamping and die-cutting. It can help you build up stamping orders while it is doing die-cutting job. Stable foil convey structure, not necessary to adjust while in production process, unique ergonomic design, which shortens installation time.
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The efficient double worm gear transmission structure greatly improves the work efficiency, so that the cutting times can reach 45 times/​min.
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Double-station Automatic Stamping and Die-Cutting Machine
Set Stamping, Die-Cutting and Stripping function in this high-end Equipment. Repeat stamping with high-difficulty or solution of stamping, die-cutting and stripping ideal craft.
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Ultra-High Powered Laser Cutting Machine
New X-type plate welding structure, high temperature resistance technology to ensure the stability and durability of machine tool under ultra-high power.
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Professional Laser Cutting Machine
This machine can be equipped with auto self-feeding system with high compatibility, suitable for multi-specification tube material feed in. The optional includes auto feeding storage.
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Technological Innovation
Highly innovative production mode and automatic production management system.
Customer Service
Guowang Group always adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first" and
places customers at the core of brand development.
Sampling Reservation
Guowang provides professional solution for product.
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